With an eagerness to learn, Karen continually seeks out the best training opportunities available to her and understands the importance of personal practice. Demonstrating the importance of prioritising self-care and self-development with the intention to motivate others to do the same. Karen shares her knowledge and experience at every opportunity, teaching and guiding with enthusiasm and integrity.

“I do not simply teach Pilates I show clients how to understand their body and nurture body awareness so that they feel in control of their health and wellness. This not only impacts their physical health but also mentally and spiritually. I have an innate understanding of how life circumstances and events, mindset and their connected emotions have a different impact on our physical body. This awareness has led me to working with energy and sound healing that compliment and works in alignment with Pilates. My unique blend of these three practices alleviates physical symptoms, resets emotions and brings equilibrium and a sense of wellbeing”
— Karen